RFID and digital ID for everyone

HOKINDE  offers a suite of digital ID technologies that authenticate product history, provide tracking and inventory solutions, and conjure up richer consumer encounters. In a world of big data and massive amounts of information, digital ID technologies help create certainty, showing how a connected world can be a better world, full of greater possibilities.

With our unique combination of materials expertise, innovative, end-to-end technologies and global capacity for supporting customers, HOKINDE   is partnering with companies across multiple industries (from food and apparel to beauty, aviation, automotive and pharmaceutical), introducing transformative benefits through connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Products RFID

Products RFID

Smart Identification, Traceability, IOT.

Identifying the physical world, capturing and sharing information

HOKINDE RFID solutions provide you with useful and effective information about the status or status of your products wherever they are. You will get a simplification and automation in all the processes of obtaining information, as well as a security and authenticity in real time.


The products and solutions offered by Dipole are specifically adapted to each sector. Complete RFID solutions from start to finish.


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