Data reliability

The RFID solutions developed by HOKINDE add intelligence to products, movements and business processes, so that you can quickly and reliably know the data you need, when you need it and how you need to obtain it.

One of the major concerns in companies is to ensure ‘Data Reliability’ with a high percentage of security, which is necessary when it comes to making decisions to thus be able to react immediately without having to spending time on the matter.

Ensure data collection with HOKINDE RFID solutions.



Guarantee Shipments with RFID

With HOKINDE's solutions you can guarantee shipments and avoid errors in deliveries to your customers with the associated costs that this may entail.

Inventory with UHF RFID

RFID technology provides stock or inventory management. You will have reliable data in real time, ready to make decisions.

Optimise Processes with RFID

RFID technology is necessary to optimise business processes, especially those that require reliable, real-time data entry.

Asset Tracking UHF RFID

With HOKINDE's RFID solution you will be able to easily associate containers to contents with the details and attributes for each asset, giving you full control of the movement of items, as well as obtaining traceability.

Goods Receipt UHF RFID

Goods receipt is one of the most difficult business processes to automate, but with HOKINDE's solution you will be able to receive goods in a smart, reliable and fast manner without human intervention.

Supply Chain UHF RFID TAG

The RFID supply chain provides full visibility in real time, enabling guaranteed decision-making with live and reliable data.

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