RFID Label Logistic 4″*6″

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UHF RFID Label Logistic
  • UHF RFID Label Logistic
  • UHF RFID Label Logistic
  • UHF RFID Label Logistic

RFID Label Logistic 4″*6″

The 4″*6″ RFID logistics tag is specially designed for use in the identification of pallets, boxes, and logistics environments in general.
It can be customized according to each client's requirements in terms of materials and adhesives, offering permanent or removable options. It operates in the UHF frequency range (860-960 MHz) and can be detected at distances of up to 12 meters. It features various types of internal integrated circuits to adapt to specific technical needs.
HOKINDE offers a wide range of logistics tags in different sizes to meet the individual needs of each client.

Product Description RFID Logistic 4″*6″ Label

The 4″*6″ logistics tag manufactured by HOKINDE is compatible with RFID printers from any manufacturer, allowing for the inclusion of desired information. We also offer the option of printing and encoding by HOKINDE, delivering the tags ready for application.

All our tags comply with the international ISO 18000-6C standard for UHF technology, ensuring their readability throughout the supply chain process and enabling comprehensive product tracking.

We provide worldwide service and offer different delivery options for customer convenience.

  • Technology: UHF

  • Frequency: UHF Global 860-960 MHz

  • Material: Paper

  • ISO: ISO18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2

  • Size: 101.6mm x 152.4 mm– 4 in x 6 in

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