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RFID Label Vials
  • RFID Label Vials
  • RFID Label Vials

RFID Label Vials

HOKINDE's RFID Vial Labels are designed to be easily applied to tubes and vials in laboratory environments. These labels with a flexible UHF inlay ensure that glass and plastic vials and tubes can be efficiently labelled in deep-frozen conditions.
These tags can also be printed for visual identification and securely encode the RFID tag to ensure maximum sample and data integrity.

Description Product RFID Label Vials

We are manufacturers of RFID labels and that gives us the flexibility to customize the label according to the specific needs of the client, whether it is the type of material required, specific size, adhesives, even the type of chip necessary to be able to have maximum performance. .


This type of labels has multiple applications such as in research laboratories, clinical laboratories, etc. and with them, we will be able to achieve a precise identification of each of the materials, samples and products used, we will have total control of the movements, fully controlled, computerized and instantly available traceability, in addition to many other benefits.

All labels are printable with standard RFID printers, and we have multiple delivery formats according to customer needs.

We work with the highest quality standards and comply with ISO 18000-6C.

  • Technology: UHF

  • Frequency: UHF Global 860-960 MHz

  • Material: Label / Sticker

  • Mounting: Glass, Non Metal, Plastic

  • ISO: ISO18000-63, EPC Class 1 Gen 2

  • Size: Personalized

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